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Hey, nice to meet you! We're Michael and Brianne: high-school sweethearts turned wedding and elopement filmmakers. Film adds such a unique layer of experience you can rely on to transport you back to one of the biggest milestones of your life. As wedding and elopement filmmakers, our passion is to preserve the real, raw, honest story you've created together with your soulmate, your homie, your favourite person, and craft a nostalgic film full of heart, grit and soul that you can be proud to call your own. 

Our story began like an indie Christian high-school movie: Brianne was that weird drama girl who all the popular kids hated and Michael was that quiet tall guy who nobody really liked. He prayed for a girl who valued God and she prayed for a guy who wouldn't use her. And then, one day we met. And honestly- it felt a lot like finding our way back home. We became Inseparable soulmates, homies who just so happened to share a love for filmmaking together.  

Soon enough we began making vlogs of our daily lives together, but soon our cringey passion grew into a blossoming wedding film business where we spent most of our summers back in ontario filming hundreds of weddings for so many awesome people. Although we loved what we did, we found ourselves out-growing our old ontario film skin, and decided to start fresh out East a film company more aligned with our heart and souls. Thus, the backyard weds was created. 

Let's swap stories. We'll go first: 

Our heart is to create for likeminded humans who value truth, honesty, realness and soulmate connection as much as we do. What motivates us is meeting and creating for similar people -people we can also call home- who share the same appreciation for God, nature, vulnerability and pizza; those who can be as serious as they can be humorous; those who stay true and fearless in the pursuit of what sets their souls on fire.

We film for couples who love deeply and can't help but wear their hearts on their sleeves. For the humans who love adventure as much as they love being home. For the ones who are real and raw in who they are, and for those who appreciate art, beauty and a good old fashion rom-com (and a competitive game of Mario Kart) as much as we do. Our passion is to get to know you, the REAL you and cultivate good energy on your wedding day to embody your authenticity into one awesome little film. 

a closer look into who we are

who we are. 

our car and you'd think a pack of rats own the vehicle because it's full of snack wrappers LOL (no joke, but theres a freakin mouse that has been living rent free in our car for the last month. Ratatouille? Is that you?) Now, why are we spilling the beans on some random embarrassing stuff like that? Well, to show you that we're human underneath the labels, and that you can feel at home with us no matter how quirky you are, embarrassing secrets and all.. We won't judge. (But we'll probably roast you - a sign we love you- so be warned). PS: Don't worry, we just picked up a Subaru Crosstrek

All this to say- we're the filmmakers that are gonna bring more than just a film into your life. We've been told many a time we make even complete strangers feel comfortable enough to drop their guards around. Our approach as filmmakers is to make you feel as loved, supported and comfortable with us like we've been homies since day one. Cause it's when you feel at home when the real you comes alive, and THAT is where all the real magic of your wedding day is found. We don't want this to just be a sterile client-vendor relationship, because we see this as much more than that. We see this as an honouring opportunity to capture the nostalgic, the real, the candid moments that make your world go round; all the little and big things that make you and your love as special, quirky, emotive, and grand as it is. We're so excited to work with you and create awesome things together. 

You can call us ambiverts when the time is right; children of The Most High and parents to two beautiful, hilarious and witty daughters. When we aren't slinging cameras, you'd probably find us at some grocery store parking lot trying to push our car started for the millionth time in a row because Michael still hasn't gotten the starter fixed. RIP VW. On that note, take a look inside 




DOES IN FREE TIME: chops wood
LOVES TO: learn new things
WEIRD HABIT: stares at people through his window as he drives down the road 
WILL DIE BEING KNOWN BY: his plumbers crack

Wannabe interior designer
DOES IN FREE TIME: health coach
LOVES TO: encourage people
WEIRD HABIT: popping Michaels zits
WILL DIE BEING KNOWN BY: her delish GF desserts (they've got liver but you'd honestly never know)


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